6358 pips 2015 – year to date

As you know we reduce our trade sizes through the US/UK Summer period in order to protect the gains made earlier in the year.  We mostly still make profits but nowhere near as many as at other times of the year.   The last two weeks have been steady if unspectacular.

Strategies 1-4 banked 14 pips and Profx5 banked 50 pips. This resulted in a total net profit of 64 pips for our automated strategies in the last two weeks.

For those of you who trade our weekend gap strategy – this again was in profit.  There were 4 viable trade setups this last Sunday (23rd Aug).  The GBPUSD pair quickly reached it’s full profit target for a 12 pip gain.  The other three pairs – AUDUSD, USDJPY & EURJPY all gapped more than 30 pips and so inline with our trading rules we closed half of the trade and banked half the profits when the price had moved to 50% of target level and moved their respective stops to break even.  All 3 trades almost made it to full profit target but retraced just before limiting out to be stopped out at break even.  The combined results for these three trades was 27 pips making 39 pips in total for our free to download weekend gap strategy.  Not a huge result but it continues the winning run and this free to download, manual strategy is now up 2086 pips in 2015.

The figures and graph below show the results of our automated trading for the year up to the end of May 2015 .  We are currently up 41.5% year to date which equates to a profit of £6,219.80 on an account of £15,000.  The below figures are taken directly from one of our clients accounts (GKFX) who started with £15,000 in January and now has £21,219.80 with a further £378.20 in open trades.  Not bad for a totally automated process with no ongoing input required:

graph and summary of 2015 robot results
















2014 has now come to a close.  What a challenging year it proved to be.  Our newest Expert Advisor – PROF X5 had a poor year losing 1639 pips.  However, we still have enormous faith in this EA and high hopes for a stella 2015.  The market conditions (whipsaw volatility) are the worst for most EA’s and Prof X5 was no different.    This is the benefit of trading multiple strategies – when one or two are not performing well – others compensate.  The net total result for the year was 5482 pips, an increase of 21% on 2013.  See below for the individual EA results.  If you have traded before you will understand how incredible and potentially life changing these results are.

Individual trading strategy results for 2014 were as follows:

PROF X5           -1639

Strategy 1         1852

Strategy 2         414

Strategy 3         2948

Strategy 4         1348

Free Strategy    559 (manually traded)