467 pips 2014 – year to date

WOW! – What a week!

We are now back in profit for the year.  The 3rd week of August was sensational with Profx5 banking 1212 pips alone, whilst Strategies 1-4 made a small combined loss of 16 pips.  

For those of you who trade our Sunday Gap strategy (free to download), this Sunday (24th August) offered four viable trade opportunities (AUDUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD & EURUSD).  Each of the first 3 trades reached their respective full profit targets for a combined profit of 57 pips.   EURUSD is still open and in a small profit at the time of updating this entry.  Many of you would have closed this trade when it got back to breakeven, but we will continue with it until the end of the week.  Whatever happens with this trade, we are still guaranteed a profit for the week – extending our run to 27 straight weeks without a single losing week and our free to download strategy is 515 pips in profit for the year to date.

2013 has now come to a close.  What an exciting year it was with the introduction of a new Expert Advisor – PROF X5.  The last couple of months were a real challenge with a couple of strategies taking large draw downs.  However, this is the benefit of trading multiple strategies – when one or two are not performing well – others compensate.  The net total result for the year was 4321 pips.  Not a stellar year but still pretty good and proof once again that our strategies stand up to all trading conditions.

Individual trading strategy results for 2013 were as follows:

PROF X5           1634

Strategy 1        -312

Strategy 2         356

Strategy 3        3091

Strategy 4         745

Free Strategy   1460 (manually traded)